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Briefly, my interests are fruit phenolics, HPLC, the biochemistry and flavour chemistry of fruit juice and wine-making, juice authenticity, vitamin and natural products analysis, patulin control etc etc.. In practice I have to make my living by doing rather tedious things like caffeine analysis in de-caff coffee and aspartame analysis in colas.

Anyway, here's a list of my published work......


Analytical Techniques for the Estimation of Sulphite Binding Components in Ciders and Wines
Andrew GH Lea, Graeme D Ford and Susan Fowler
International Journal of Food Science and Technology (2000) 35 (1) 105-112
 Download as a 288K PDF file!

Sulphite Binding in Ciders
Basil Jarvis and Andrew GH Lea
International Journal of Food Science and Technology (2000) 35 (1) 113-128
 Download as a 377K PDF file!!

Carotenoid Patterns of Citrus Juices and their Use as Markers for Adulteration
Lea AGH; Guedes S; Akhtar G (pp 512 - 517) in
Proceedings of Euro Food Chem IX (Volume 2) Swiss Society of Food and Environmental Chemistry 1997

Lea, A G H (pp 66 - 95) in
Fermented Beverage Production. Lea A G H and Piggott J R (eds)
Blackie and Sons, Glasgow, 1996

Mycotoxins - Detection and Control
Lea AGH; Amor D
European Food and Drink Review, Spring 1996, 69-72

Lea, A. G. H.
Fruit Processing 1995 , 5 (9) 281-286

Analysing Fruit for Patulin
Laboratory Equipment Digest 1995 33 (1)13 - 14

Bitterness and Astringency in fruits and fruit juices
Lea AGH (pp 41 - 60) in
Geschmackstoffe in pflanzlichen Nahrungsmitteln
30th Symposium in Heilbronn 1995 - Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Qualitatsforschung - c/o Lehrstuhl fur Obstbau, Technische Universitat Munchen

Adulteration of red fruit products.
Lea, A.; Hammond, D.
World of Ingredients 1995 , March-April, 46-48

Apple Juice
Lea, A G H in
Production and packaging of non-carbonated fruit juices and beverages. Ashurst P (ed) 2nd edn 1994 - Blackie and Sons, Glasgow

Flavour, Colour and Stability in Fruit Products: The Effect of Polyphenols
Lea A G H (pp 827 - 848) in
Plant Polyphenols - Synthesis, Properties and Significance.
Hemingway RW and Laks PE (eds) Plenum Press, New York 1992

Instrumental and sensory characterization of commercial apple juice.
Lea, A. G. H.; Ford, G. D.
Fluessiges Obst 1991 , 58 (3) 29-32, 121-125

Enzymes in the production of beverages and fruit juices
Lea, A. G. H. (pp. 194-220, 36 ref.) in
Enzymes in food processing Tucker, G. A.; Woods, L. F. J. (Editors) Blackie & Son Ltd.Glasgow;1991

Bitterness and astringency - the procyanidins of fermented apple ciders
Lea A G H (pp 123 - 143) in
Bitterness in Foods and Beverages. Rouseff R. (Ed) Elsevier, Amsterdam 1990

HPLC of natural pigments in foodstuffs
Lea, A. G. H. (pp. 277-333, 123 ref.) in
HPLC in food analysis. Macrae, R. (Editor) Academic Press Ltd. London 1988 (2nd edn)

Cider vinegar
Lea, A. G. H. (pp. 279-301, 23 ref.) in
Processed apple products. Downing, D. L.(ed) Van Nostrand Reinhold New York, NY 1989

Fast atom bombardment mass spectrometry of polyphenols
Self, R.; Eagles, J.; Galletti, G. C.; Mueller-Harvey, I.; Hartley, R. D.;
Lea, A. G. H.; Magnolato, D; Richli, U.; Gujer, R.; Haslam, E.
Biomedical & Environmental Mass Spectrometry 1986 , 13 (9) 449-468

The influence of the polyphenols of cider on plasmin and plasminogen activators.
Ogston D. Lea AG. Langhorne P. Wilson SB.
British Journal of Haematology. 1985 60(4):705-13,

(Use of HPLC for quality control of fruit juice.)
HPLC zur Qualitätskontrolle von Fruchtsäften.
Lea, A. G. H.; Smith, S. J.
Fluessiges Obst 1985 , 52 (11) 586-592; 599-600, 602

(Tannins and colours in English cider apples.)
Farb- und Gerbstoffe in englischen Mostäpfeln.
Lea, A. G. H.
Fluessiges Obst 1984 , 51 (8) 356-361; 399-400

Mono- and diphenolase activity from fruit of Malus pumila.
Goodenough, P. W.; Kessell, S.; Lea, A. G. H.; Loeffler, T.
Phytochemistry 1983 , 22 (2) 359-363

Browning in white wines
L. F. Burroughs & A. G. H. Lea (pp. 350-352).
Bitterness, astringency and the chemical composition of ciders
A. G. H. Lea & G. M. Arnold (pp. 203-211).
both in
Sensory quality in foods and beverages. Williams, A. A.; Atkin, R. K. (Editors) 1983 Ellis Horwood Ltd. Chichester, West Sussex, UK

Reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography of procyanidins and other phenolics in fresh and oxidising apple juices using a pH shift technique.
Lea, A. G. H.
Journal of Chromatography 1982 , 238 (1) 253-257

Reversed-phase gradient high-performance liquid chromatography of procyanidins and their oxidation products in ciders and wines, optimised by Snyder's procedures.
Lea, A. G. H.
Journal of Chromatography 1980 , 194 (1) 62-68

The procyanidins of white grapes and wines.
Lea, A. G. H.; Bridle, P.; Timberlake, C. F.; Singleton, V. L.
American Journal of Enology and Viticulture 1979 , 30 (4) 289-300

High performance liquid chromatography of cider procyanidins.
Lea, A. G. H.
Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 1979, 30 (8) 833-838

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Lea, A. G. H.
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The phenolics of ciders: effect of cultural conditions.
Lea, A. G. H.; Beech, F. W.
Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 1978, 29 (5) 493-496

The phenolics of ciders: effect of processing conditions.
Lea, A. G. H.; Timberlake, C. F.
Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 1978, 29 (5) 484-492

The phenolics of ciders: bitterness and astringency.
Lea, A. G. H.; Arnold, G. M.
Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 1978, 29 (5) 478-483

The phenolics of ciders: oligomeric and polymeric procyanidins.
Lea, A. G. H.
Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 1978, 29 (5) 471-477

Measurement of flavor quality in apples, apple juices, and fermented ciders
A. A. Williams, A. G. H. Lea & C. F. Timberlake (pp. 71-88, ) in
Flavor quality: objective measurement. Scanlan, R. A. (Editor) American Chemical Society Washington, DC, USA 1977

The phenolics of ciders. I. Procyanidins.
Lea, A. G. H.; Timberlake, C. F.
Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 1974, 25 (12) 1537-1545

The separation of theaflavins on Sephadex LH-20
Lea, A. G. H.; Crispin, D. J.
Journal of Chromatography 1971 , 54 (1) 133-35

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